Queensferry Crossing: Why Reaching Deck Level Matters

8 August 2014

There’s been lots of media coverage this week of the news that the three Queensferry Crossing towers have reached – or now gone beyond – deck level.


On The Deck: The Amazing Scale of the Queensferry Crossing Project

23 May 2014

This week the first bridge deck sections arrived in Rosyth. On a boat, a really, really big boat! (OK, it’s a ship, a 60,000 dead weight tonnage bulk carrier which is a quarter of a kilometer long to be exact.)


0 to 200 in Three Months: Southern Approach Viaduct on the Move

14 April 2014

While the three towers have been getting steadily more visible out in the Forth in recent months, a lot of the major work going on at the southern approach viaduct has been largely hidden from view. This is because most of the approach roads are in deep cutting to minimise any visual impact for the local community.


Story So Far: Six Years of Non-Stop Progress

5 March 2014

Set to open in 2016, the Queensferry Crossing will take its place as the third iconic bridge spanning the Firth of Forth. The three bridges each represent some of the very highest feats of civil engineering achieved in the three different centuries in which they were built.