Frame the Bridge

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If you're planning to visit the Queensferry Crossing, why not become a part of the project’s legacy when you’re here?

Take a photo of yourself, family and/or friends at our dedicated signs (details below) with the bridge works in the background and you can become part of Frame the Bridge! Upload your photograph to help build the fantastic online “People’s Bridge” mosaic and your photos will also form a key part of the celebrations when the bridge opens.

If you already have a great photo of yourself, featuring the construction of the bridge, you can submit this too.  

It’s easy to find your picture in the mosaic and search for other pictures taken by family and friends.

There are viewing platforms on both sides of the Forth Road Bridge which provide excellent vantage points for your photos: at the project’s Contact & Education Centre (on the south side) and at The Queensferry Hotel (on the north side). Other vantage points may be added in the future and information will be added to this website.  

frame the bridge map

Further information on visiting the area can be found here.

Important information
  • Please be safe and aware at all times when taking your photos - under no circumstances should you put yourself or others at risk
  • Do not trespass on the construction site
  • Please make use of the designated public viewing platforms
  • Photographs submitted from members of the public which appear to have been taken from within the construction site, or feature or even imply and unsafe behaviour, will not be uploaded to the mosaic
  • Full Terms & Conditions can be found here